Mila Jade Fucked

Family strokes returns yet again with more new scenes for you. You know what you can see here and this week’s little scene is going to leave you wanting to check out even more. That is because in this little update you get to see a cutie by the name of Mila jade as she gets fucked nice and hard for the whole scene today as her stepdad makes sure to take care of all her needs in their time together. So let’s just get this nice and sizzling hot familystrokes scene going as we bet you’re eager to see miss Mila in action without any more delay today. That being said, you cane expect this scene to be quite juicy and naughty too. So let’s just get it going.

The show begins with the lovely little lady and the guy getting it on on the couch with some nice and sexy foreplay. Once the hot babe made sure that his cock was all nice and hard, you can take the time to check her out as she gets to let the guy eat out her sweet pussy as well. And that makes for some amazing starters to this juicy scene. Then the sexy Mila can be seen taking her spot on top of that cock and sliding it nice and deep inside her sweet pussy. See her riding that cock reverse cowgirl style today and enjoy the amazing fuck session that she gets to take part in this week. We’ll see you again once more in the future with all new and hot galleries!


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Family Strokes Michele Martinez

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and fresh family strokes scene with some more hotties having sexual fun. As you know, this site is the best go to place to check out the prettiest babes engaging in some impromptu naughty sex on camera and you get to see a brand new and fresh little scene every single week. This one isn’t an exception either and we want to show off the hot and amazing looking babe Michele Martinez, a Latina that adores sex in some truly incredible action here this week. So let’s get her familystrokes scene on the road and check out another kinky little hottie in some amazing and hot fuck sessions without delay!


She seems to have two very eager and horny stepbrothers an this afternoon she wants to service them both and make sure that their cocks are all nice and drained too. To start off, you can see the cute lady sucking them off at the same time, giving one phenomenal double blow job to the duo. Then as one starts to fuck her from behind, you can see her still sucking the other one. They shift positions every now and then and you can see this gorgeous lady fucking hard all over the place in all positions and to finish it off she also gets a facial from both. See her in action this afternoon and do make sure to check out some of the past scenes too for even more juicy stuff!

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Melissa May Blowjob

Hi there guys and gals. We know what you came here to see, and rest assured that we have more family strokes galleries for you that are brand new. This week you get to have your fix of hot babes fucking with the aid of this cute and sexy blonde babe that gets to be the stepdaughter in this scene. She’s named Melissa May and she just loves to fuck as well. So let’s see this blonde cutie as she gets to show off her sex skills on her stepdad this afternoon while she takes the time to play with him for the weekly familystrokes gallery. We bet you’ll enjoy it too so let’s just get this started without any more delays, since we know you’re eager to check it out as well!

The guy was just chilling on the couch and watching a show where women were talking about pleasing men. And of course he had to make comments that they know nothing. Well the babe overhears this and she straight up tells him that she herself does. And of course, from there it’s a relatively short jump to the part where she gets to prove it. See her whipping out that nice and big cock out of the guy’s pants and watch her juicy lips wrapping around the dick and you can see her sucking and slurping on it with a passion today. See her taking his load on that pretty face as well and enjoy the glorious scene that you get to observe here. See you all soon with more!


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Family Strokes – Marissa Mae

Hey there again and welcome back once more. And man do we have a special little family strokes scene for you here today. In this week’s little naughty update we get to show off to you a very hot and beautiful little babe that goes by the name Marissa Mae. And as you can see, she is quite a petite and cute little lady. She may look innocent and fragile, but what you need to know about miss Mae here is that she has a lust for sex that you rarely see. If she gets her hands on you, you won’t get off that easy. She will only let you rest once she’s been thoroughly fucked and you are about to see her in this familystrokes scene putting this stud to work!


She takes on the role of a naughty stepsister that cant get enough cock and you can bet that the guy was going to try and fill her need. So let’s get started and watch closely as you get to watch her work that cock with her luscious lips and tip of that eager tongue, which then moves to her straight up riding him on the black leather couch. Then she spreads her legs for him and gets fucked missionary and later doggie style as well. She gets to do pretty much everything and at the end of it all, you get to see her present that face to his cock so she can take his creamy load all over her cute face. Enjoy the view and do come back again soon for more!

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Lucy Doll and her Daddy

Well, you all know what time it is and let’s just not delay this any longer. You get to see another family strokes scene here that’s all fresh and new and naturally it has a brand new babe showing off her riding skills with the aid of a guy’s big dick. The babe’s name is Lucy Doll and today she has fun with her stepdad in the living room. She knows that he’s been eyeing her for a while and he’d very much like to plow her wet pussy too. Well she wants that too, but this little minx also enjoys teasing the guy as well. That’s why she always wears revealing clothing too. Something which you get to see her do in today’s familystrokes scene as well!

Miss Lucy was extra kinky thins time with her wearing just a pair of shorts and a tight top. And be sure that as the guy was sitting on the couch, she made sure to show off that she was wearing no panties either. It worked like a charm as you can very well see and the babe got what she wanted, and the guy too. Well, take your time to see this little slutty teen as she gets to have a ride on the guy’s thick meat this afternoon and watch her enjoying it tremendously as well. It’s a gorgeous little gallery and the two spent a good long while fucking all over the spot too. Make sure you check it all out and we’ll see you all again next week with a brand new and fresh scene!


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Family Strokes – Kelly Green

Welcome to another fresh week with another fresh installment of family strokes today. We bring you some more mighty fine looking babes that are all eager to get to play for your viewing pleasure and you get to see it all without restraints. This time you get to enjoy the sight of the beautiful and very cute babe Kelly Green as she gets to have some all out fun with her step brother and the two of them sure put on a juicy show for everyone to see as well. Let’s just get right into this familystrokes scene and see the lovely and hot Kelly in some truly incredible action without any more delay. And do make sure that you check out each and every single picture!


When the sho begins to roll, you can see the busty beauty and the guy in her room and it seems that she was working out and doing yoga. There was no way for the dude to stop himself from checking her out and she noticed it. You can bet that this was her way of making him interested and before you know it, the two are on her bed making out. Watch her enjoying her time as she takes a dicking from this stud for the afternoon and see her getting thoroughly fucked in every position on her bed. She loved it and you could tell by the big grin she had on her face. Well, let’s just get to see some truly amazing scenes next week too, but only if you drop by again!

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Joseline Kelly’s Close Family

This week’s family strokes scene is another one of those impressive ones to check out and you simply must take your time with it. In this new update you get to see Joseline Kelly another horny teen getting some hard style action and that’s thanks to her stepbrother, that’s more than happy to aid her with her little need today. And it’s quite the kinky need too, as it involved her tight pussy getting another nice and thorough stretching. That being something he was very much capable of doing with his thick cock. So let’s watch their naughty familystrokes scene here today and enjoy the sight of another incredible fuck fest shall we? we can promise you’ll love it!

Joseline and the guy get busy as soon as everyone else leaves the house to go catch a movie. They didn’t want to be caught doing the dirty deed and when they knew they were safe, they retreated to her bedroom. Once there, you can see this lovely lady providing some truly special oral treatment so that she can make sure that the stud is all ready and hard for her pussy. Watch as she gets to bend over and see her fucked hard from behind as the guy makes her but jiggle in the motion. We hope that you will enjoy the sight of this busty brunette playing with her stepbrother today and be sure that we have another scene all ready for you to see next week too!


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Family Strokes – Jade Nile

Today’s family strokes scene is sure going to surprise you today. We bring you none other than the beautiful and super sexy porn star known as Jade Nile in some incredibly juicy scenes this afternoon. She gets to take the role of a horny stepdaughter that just has to have the cock of her stepdad and you get to watch the whole thing unfold today. See them going at it on her queen size bed in her bedroom and you can have the pleasure to enjoy the sight of a truly amazing fuck session that you won’t soon forget. Let’s get those familystrokes cameras rolling and let’s see more in detail what miss jade was up to this afternoon shall we guys and gals?


The story goes that she has the hots for the man for quite some time now. And she always likes to get sneak peeks at his nude body when he’s in the shower, regularly making small accidents happen as she walks in on him. She fell in love with that cock and this afternoon was the day she’d get it all to herself. Sit back watch her spread those mighty fine long legs on her bed and watch that pussy penetrated balls deep as she smiles from ear to ear and moans loudly in pleasure. We’ll be back again next week with more all new and all fresh updates for you. And until then, you can check this one out and explore it as much as you guys and gals want!

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Sexy Hollie Mack

Hey there once again everyone. We have a brand new and sizzling hot family strokes scene to show you today and it features one petite teen that adores fucking more than anything. Her stepdad is here to help her out with that, but sadly her sisters were all napping too. It’s fine as they will be very very silent and they made sure not to wake them up too. So without further due, let’s all sit back and enjoy the sight of this new porn scene as it unfolds. The name of this little lady is Hollie Mack and as you can see she looks just incredible. We bet you all want to check her out getting her nice and hard dicking here without delay so let’s get her familystrokes scene on the road already!

As soon as the cameras start to roll, you can see the other two babes sleeping soundly as this particular one whips the older guy’s cock out from his pants. And she works it wonderfully with her lips to make it hard. Take the time to see her bend over on the side of the bed for him and see her trying to be as quiet as possible with the guy sliding that meat pole in her tender pussy. Watch and enjoy the show as she gets fucked doggie style as she tries her best to stifle her moans of pleasure as to not wake up the others. It’s a amazing and hot scene to say the least and be sure there will be more to see next week too. See you all then everyone!


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Family Strokes Goldie Rush

Hey there guys. It’s a brand new week and of course, that means we get to see some more family strokes scenes with more all hot and fresh little babes getting to have some fun times with studs. This scene gets to feature the sexy and cute blonde named Goldie Rush, as she gets to have some fun with her step brother this afternoon. So let’s just get on with it and watch a juicy scene with another petite and horny blonde babe getting pretty much what ever she wants in this amazing scene. You just have to check it out today without delay and we know that you’ll enjoy it so without further due, let’s get them familystrokes cameras rolling and watch the action!


They get to play in her bedroom and you can rest assured that this lovely little lady had no issues in dragging the guy all the way there. Let’s get things started with you being able to watch them making their clothes fly all over. You can tell that the babe is superbly horny too and she’s very very eager to get to play today. Before you know it, you can see her laying on her back with legs spread open and that cock sliding nice and deep in her wet cunt too. And throughout her hard dicking session, you can see her moan loudly in pleasure too. It’s pretty amazing to check out so make sure that you don’t skip over any of her pictures here today. See you all next week with more!

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